Tajweed is usually known as the basic set of rules set by and which should be taught to muslims for better recitation purposes. By the help of tajweed rules , the recitor is able to recite the verses more vividly and in a more better way. Tajweed is an important course to understand and to recite in a better way because if a single verse is recited in an unrequired way than the whole meaning is changed which is not allowed in the Arabic quran curriculum neither it is considered as an minor mistake .If someone skips the learning of tajweed then he/she will be unable to recite Quran.


This online tajweed course provides basic ability to enhance the students ability to add flexibility in his/her ability to learn and be able to recite quran with tajweed in every verse through our online quran teachers by the one to one online class interactions of the teachers and student. Through Islamic teachers it is stated that if no one skips the tajweed course an dif it is skipped then he/she will be unable to recite the quran properly in the required ways Online tajweed learning should be prior mostly because it is provided under afforded payments. Best knowleege and basics are provided to the students through Islamic quran teachers .Our website wholely focuses on this and gives priority to these kinds of courses.


Tajweed solely means that to improvise or to make something better . So reciting quran with tajweed only helps each word of the Arabic verse to improve and add improvisation to its essential characteristics. The recitation of quran with the tajweed rules is indifferent for an arab speaker and for the one who is a non arab speaker.The main aim of this course is that each word is by Allah .By reciting them in wrong way is only its violation that’s why the recitation should be taken in a as serious and a prior manner. Each verse of the quran should be pronounced in the correct manner with tajweed rules like it is required without any kind of lack or deficiency in the recitation . This proves the fact that tajweed course is an highlighted and important course that musn’t be skipped . An online course is much better suitable with our webservice providing the basic knowledge in every course.


It is a minimum effort made by the teachers to provide the knowledge about the topic of tajweed rules at a basic level. Many benefits are described of recitation of quran with Tajweed. Many of the people before us described the benefits which are told us by the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in his ahadeeths. When we are able to recite the Quran with the basic rules of tajweed as it tolds us by our Prophet it provides the deserving meaning of the verses .It also helps us to understand and feel the arabic verses in the recitation . Each of the verse is taken in account like as it is and so we should be careful about our minor mistakes and try our best to recite the quran in the only major required way .Each and every syllable is from Allah so we should try to not ignore our mistakes.